Siggies. Skip the line

What is Siggies?

Siggies is the first and only marketplace that connects fans to the first round athlete, the backup quarterback, and your favorite streamer. 
How is Siggies different?

Here at Siggies, we believe that everybody is valuable to someone. For this reason, our focus is to provide the path for fans to purchase signed merchandise directly from your hero! For some of you, we know that hero plays a sport that garners the attention of 100,000 crazed fans. For others, that hero plays in an arena with poor lighting and a handful of silent observers. But to each fan, those competitors represent something far greater than the game they are playing. To the fan, those heroes are role models and often inspire us to pursue greatness. This is the beauty of Siggies. Siggies provides a unique way for fans to support all forms of entertainers and receive something in return.

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